Life is a series of memories, one after another after another after another.

Years ago I realized that most of these memories, at least in my life...I had nearly forgotten (whether by choice or not, that is a topic for another day!), and I had very little to show for the ones I did remember. So I began capturing them on film. And in the process, I found that I absolutely LOVE the art of photography.

Today, whether a piece of gum on the ground, a lady bug on a leaf, a rusted fence, a nail in my car tire, a beautiful sunset, a padlock (a weird new obsession!), the laughter of my children or that smile of my wife's face that can brighten up a room...I choose not to forget. I just simply love taking pictures of life, (people, places and most definitely... things) in its candid form. So if you see a cool rusted padlock on someone's car door, or when you're in the middle of your next silly string me and I'll come a-runnin'.

As a good friend once said to me, "Art is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary."

Maybe that's why I love taking pictures. The world just looks a little different from behind the camera.

I hope you enjoy what you see, and that what you see might help you see things differently...and of course I hope you find something you might like on your own wall! Take a minute to follow me on Faceboook via the link at top, and don't forget to sign my Guestbook at the link below.

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